Please welcome new member Robin O‘Flannagan, Lisa & Larry Couture, Glynis Hopkins, Molly Paluzzi, Carolyn NcNally, Don Holmes and Gary & Dottie Burham.


Huntington Beach State park has been voted the best place to camp on the east coast. Credit for this accomplishment goes mainly to park manager, Brenda Magers, and her staff. However, Friends did have a hand in accomplishing this as well. At any rate, it is quite a “feather in our cap“.

Karen Korszeniewski

Happy Spring, Everyone!
I think we are finally seeing the spring weather we all love in this area. The great weather means activity at the Park is kicking into high gear. The alligators are appearing more often, the birds (including the painted buntings) are stopping by to enjoy the fun, visitors to Atalaya are exploring the house in greater numbers, the beach goers are sticking their toes in the ocean, school groups are visiting by the bus loads, and our turtle nest patrol will be starting next month. I am always amazed to see the park buzzing with activity.

The Friends need our members to come out of hibernation and “find their passion” at the Park. We need more interpreters in Atalaya’s Visitor Center, more tour guides for the house, help in the Nature Center, Alligator tour volunteers. and beach walkers cleaning up trash, etc. Contact Josslyn Stiner to volunteer at Atalaya, Mike Walker for the Nature Center and Spence Crow for the Alligator tour. They will be thrilled to hear from you! As always, remember to record your volunteer hours on the calendar in the Nature Center, the clip board in the Atalaya Visitors Center, or in the mailboxes behind the kiosk outside the Nature Center or under the steps at the bath house at the South Beach.

The Friends will soon be offering embroidered polo shirts and silk screened t-shirts for our members to purchase to wear while they are volunteering. You will soon receive an e-mail with pictures, prices, and information on how to order. I really think you will like the new shirts! We will make them available for purchase three to four times during the year.

Membership renewal forms will be sent out the beginning to June. We will again be issuing decals for your car(s), allowing you to enter the park with whoever is in your vehicle. As always, volunteer members will be sent badges to wear while they are helping at the park.

Here’s to a wonderful summer season!

Karen Korszeniewski, President


Once again, the day was a huge success both financially and socially. Many thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make this special day something to remember.
Weather for Wildlife and History Day was perfect. This year the day was held on a Saturday, allowing more families to attend.
Friends sponsored the Birds of Prey exhibit as well as Camp Flintlock. Both these events are popular with children of all ages. Although we did not sell coffee and donuts this year, the event did afford us an opportunity to get our message out to the public.
Thanks are also in order to members who participated in the April 12 workday.
Kyle Bullock, who has been at Huntington Beach State Park for some time, has been promoted to Manager of Hamilton Beach State Park. Hamilton Beach is located in McCormick County near the SC/GA border. Kyle’s last day was April 8. We congratulate Kyle and wish him the best of luck with his new position. We will miss him.


June is election time again. This year we will be electing our Treasurer and Secretary in addition to four board members. Three board member spots will expire this June. A fourth position will need to be filled.
Please consider stepping up to fill these spots. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to nominate yourself.
These positions are very important as they determine the direction Friends will go in the future. Your ideas and input are necessary to make our organization a success. Board membership entails attendance at monthly board meetings held the first Wednesday of the month. As with any organization, we are only as good as our leadership.
A ballot is enclosed with this newsletter. Please mail it to our Friends address : PO Box 3019; Murrells Inlet, SC 29576.
All election results will be announced during our annual June general meeting. The date and time of this meeting will be determined during May. When a decision is made, you will be notified by e-mail. This has traditionally been an evening meeting held in Anna’s studio. We will also be honoring volunteers at this meeting.

Karen Korszeniewski

Once again, it is time to renew your membership. Financial and volunteer support is critical as we continue our efforts to fulfill our mission as Friends of Huntington Beach State Park.
Membership in Friends is yearly, July through June. Anyone who joined in January of this year will be considered paid through June 2014.
For the next year (7/1/13-6/30/2014) we will be issuing decals for members’ vehicles to be placed on the Drivers side of the windshield. This will allow you and those in your vehicle to enter the front gate. The decal must be permanently attached to the windshield to be recognized.
There will be three categories of Friends’ membership.

Family Volunteer: $30 – membership will include all members of family living in the household with badges to wear when volunteering.

Individual Volunteer: $25 – membership will include a badge to wear when volunteering.
We are requesting all
volunteer memberships to give at least 25 hours to the park in some capacity, making sure your volunteer hours are recorded in the Education Center, at the host cart at Atalaya, or sent to the volunteer chairperson.

Both family and volunteer members will receive a generous discount when purchasing paint at Sherwin-Williams in Murrells Inlet.
Supporting Membership: $50+

This is for persons living out of the area who still wish to support us financially, but cannot volunteer, or for anyone local who is unable to volunteer. Those in this category will receive one vehicle decal, but no volunteer badge and no discount at Sherwin Williams.
All members will continue to receive the newsletter.
A letter covering this information along with a form to be mailed with your check will be sent to your home in the near future. If you don’t want to wait for the letter, please mail your check in the appropriate amount to our PO Box 3019, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576.
Your support both financial and volunteer is critical to our mission to support the park.
Both T-shirts and polo shirts featuring Friends logo will be available for $20.
T-shirts will be yellow with our logo on the front and Volunteer on the back. These shirts should be ideal for beach cleanup and turtle walking.
Polo shirts will be available in teal with white logo and white with teal logo.
Both shirts will be good quality fabric; not stiff or itchy so they will be comfortable.
When details are finalized, you will be notified what sizes are available and how to place an order.

Karen Korszeniewski
Joan Crow
Vice President 651-4278
Vaughn Herdman
Treasurer 650-0924
Ann Westcott
Secretary 828-0362
Board Members
Jim Dankosky
Carley van der Kloet
Bob LeClerc
Tom Mugno
Cheryl Reilly
Fred Anderson
Charles West
Janet Thomas

As a growing organization, THE FRIENDS are fortunate to have members come to us from all walks of life. In each newsletter, we profile a volunteer, so we can get to know one another better. This time we profile George Bickel.

I am originally from Kinderhook, a little village in upstate New York. After living in Syracuse briefly, I lived on Long Island, and commuted to Manhattan where I was employed by a big eight accounting firm. I moved to Murrells Inlet in 1993. I love the park. What is not to like about the moon rising over the ocean as the sun sets behind you.

I spend my volunteer time at the park in the Nature Center, where I enjoy greeting visitors and meeting friends members. I answer the phone, help visitors by answering questions , give directions as needed, and assist the staff during presentations to school groups, and visitors. I feel it is important that visitors leave with a positive impression about the Center, and do everything I can to help ensure they leave having had a pleasant experience.

A devotee of History, I devote much of my spare time to reading History, and researching important Historical events. Currently, I am reviewing and editing a genealogical History of my family, which my uncle and I completed several years ago.